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From one of AAP's presenters: 

It would be great if Team Battle could allow us to show not only the correct answer but also the percentages of how many picked which answer! I know currently this is possible in polling; but might be nice for team battle too. 

On behalf of Mallory @ ICI

"One comment I do have to share for possible future developments is in regards to the polling response color choices – it would be really helpful to be able to select from a “theme” of color choices on the front end that aren’t necessary red, yellow, green for the first couple options. I know the colors can be changed in the coding and I am able to do that, but sometimes my speakers have their first answer choice as yes and another will have no and it can be stressful remembering to either change their answer order or the coding in-between sessions. Just a thought, but it’s not a problem at present."

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