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Hiding the 'Sign in to Moderate' Button

Sometimes there are concerns with the prominence of the Sign In To Moderate button that attendees will see on their device, especially if users think they need to click that button before participating with Q&A or Polling. While this is usually not an issue, there are a couple of tricks to either hide or minimize the button if desired.

Our favorite trick is to add a few lines of CSS which moves the sign-in button much further down the screen (usually out of view for smartphone users), and it also makes the button more grayed-out so that the average user is less inclined to click it.


.btn.btn-moderator-sign-in {
margin-top: 300px;
color: #ccc;


Another option is to hide the button entirely so that only an Admin will see it. We caution against this option since it means a regular moderator won't have easy access to the button to Sign In, but if that's not an issue and/or if an Admin will be doing session moderating, the following CSS should do the trick for you:

.is-attendee .btn.btn-moderator-sign-in {
display: none;


To use either option above, visit the Admin (settings) area of your app and look for the menu choice called Branding & Custom CSS.

Carefully copy and paste the CSS lines in either option noted above and paste it into the box called Custom CSS

NOTE: After saving the lines above into your app, the effect will be immediate and it will be reflected in all sessions.  

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