As you begin working in Conferences i/o, there are 2 different User Roles to be aware of:

The Administrator(s)

Administrators (or 'Admin' for short) are in charge of managing the entire Event (entire Conference). Admins are the ones who create, edit, or delete Sessions. An Admin has global control over the entire app. In other words, they can do anything and everything. As such, you should tightly restrict who has the Admin password.

To act as an admin, you'll need the admin password.

The Moderator(s)

Moderators are in charge of a specific Session. Moderators are usually the ones who create Polls, manage audience questions, etc. A moderator will often either assist speakers and/or serve as a presenter. Moderators typically work with PowerPoint presentations and/or they assist the presenters in updating their PowerPoint presentations so that polls are embedded into the slide decks.

To act as a Moderator you need the Moderator password. The Moderator password is created or changed by the Administrator.