This article will familiarize you with the differences between the administrator and moderator roles in Conferences i/o.


The Administrator Role

Administrators, or Admins, are in charge of managing the entire Event and have global control over the entire app. Admins can create, edit, or delete Sessions. They can export data, update branding, manage pages, and send certificates. 

The administrator password should be guarded closely and only shared with people who need to perform administrative tasks. 

Note: To reset the password as an event administrator or a pre-approved contact on the account, please Contact Customer Support. Please note that Customer Support will not provide or reset the password to anyone without pre-authorization.

To login as an admin, see Sign-in to the Admin panel.

The Moderator Role

Moderators are in charge of a specific Session. Moderators are usually the ones who create Polls, manage audience questions, and perform other tasks within a specific Session. A moderator will often either assist speakers or serve as a presenter themselves. Moderators typically work with PowerPoint presentations or they assist the presenters in updating their PowerPoint presentations so that live content polls are embedded into the slide decks.

The Moderator password can be created or changed by the Administrator.

To login as a moderator, see Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator. There is no limit to the number of moderators that can be logged in to a session.

Permissions Visualization

Can create, edit, or delete sessions
Can enable session features
Can create and manage polls
Can export data
Can manage audience questions
Can create, edit, or delete evaluations
Can manage presenters
Can manage branding
Can manage pages
Can set up and manage Attendance Tracking
Can send certificates
Can download live content slides
Can manage Trivia Battle and Team Battle