As a Moderator, you will generally create the majority of your Poll questions prior to your presentation. There will most likely be specific times during your presentation when you will want to Poll your audience. You might not want your audience to respond to every Poll as soon as they join your session. Our locking / unlocking functionality gives you total control over when a Poll is available for attendees to respond to.

All new Polls that you create will be Locked by default. Locked Polls are not visible to your audience and they will not be able to respond to the Poll until you Unlock it.

To Unlock a Poll simply click on the Lock icon on the right side of the Poll.

Once you Unlock a Poll it will become visible to the audience, and they can respond to it by clicking on the Poll question on their device.

Important Note: When you use our PowerPoint Add-In, it will automatically unlock poll questions for you when you advance to (arrive at) the special "Live Content" slide during your slideshow. So there's no need to manually unlock polls ahead of time when using PowerPoint. Please also note that when using PowerPoint, as soon as you advance away from a Live Content slide, that poll question will be automatically re-locked so that audience members don't continue responding to a poll that you are no longer displaying on stage. While there are a few hidden configuration settings that can alter this automatic open/lock behavior, this default behavior usually provides the best audience experience. Contact us at if you have questions.