Moderators have the option of requiring their approval of a question that is submitted before it is visible to the audience. We call this the 'Q&A Filter'. 

When the Q&A Filter is enabled, the questions that your audience submit will not appear on the page until a moderator approves them.

The Q&A Filter is disabled by default. To enable it, go to 'Session Settings' and click the lock icon next to the Q&A Filter text.

Questions waiting for approval will be visible on the Moderator page and the vote box on the left hand side will display a plus-sign icon. These questions will not be visible to the audience until the Moderator approves them.

To approve a question simply click on the plus-sign icon on the left-hand side.

Once a question has been approved it will appear on everyone's page and attendees can vote for it if they'd like to have it addressed.