Moderate Social Q&A video walkthrough (3 min.) 



The session Moderator’s toolkit can help maximize the value of the time dedicated to Q&A. 


  1. Click the gear to open Social Q&A settings

  1. Use the heart to highlight a question. Only moderators can see which questions are highlighted, this doesn’t change attendee’s view at all:
  2. Click the check badge to mark a question as answered or completed. By default, this will remove the question from the attendee’s view but this can be changed in the Social Q&A settings:
  3. Click the X to delete a question entirely. This will remove the question from both the attendee’s and moderator’s view, as well as the session engagement reports: 
  4. Respond to questions directly in the app. Click the question, enter a response, and click Save
  5. Sort and filter questions submitted by audience members: 

New! Moderators can also click a button to spotlight a particular question on the big screen. To learn more, see our article entitled "Show Current Question On-Screen".