Learn how to moderate Social Q&A via our video tutorial below (6 minutes in duration). Or continue reading below.


As a Moderator you will see 3 buttons on the right-hand side of each Social Q&A question. These buttons allow you to delete (X icon), Mark a Question as Complete (Checkmark icon), or Favorite (Heart icon) a question.

Deleting a Question

Clicking the X icon will remove the question permanently from everyone's page. You will not be able to view questions after they are deleted.

Each time you delete a question a message will appear at the bottom of your page, so if you happen to delete a question by accident you can click "Undo" to put the question back in the list.

Marking a Question as Complete

Once a question has been addressed by the presenter you can mark it as 'complete' by clicking on the checkmark button.

When a question is marked as 'complete' it will be removed from the attendees' page and they will no longer see that question. 'Completed' questions will remain visible on the moderator page but will be de-emphasized (grayed out).

This allows you (the moderator) to keep the list of questions better organized -- fresh with questions that haven't been addressed yet -- while not having to delete the questions entirely.

Favoriting a Question

As a moderator, you may see certain (really good) questions from attendees that you definitely want to ask during the Q&A session. You can use the heart icon to "Favorite" a question at any time.

When a question is "Favorited" it will be highlighted on the moderator page (nothing changes for attendees). This makes it easy for you to remember those questions that you definitely want to ask, even if they aren't at the top of the list based on the # of votes.

Provide a Written Response

You can also provide a written answer to any question. This can be especially helpful for simple or quick to answer questions. To do so, simple click on any question in the list and enter in an answer in the moderator response box.

As a moderator, you can also change the "Sorted By" and the "Showing" options. To learn more, click here.

New! Moderators can also click a button to spotlight a particular question on the big screen. To learn more, see our article entitled "Show Current Question On-Screen".