1. Set up your poll questions in your session before embedding into your presentation

Before you can embed a poll in Presentation Mode, you need to first create those polls within your session.

For details on how to create poll questions, please see our articles on the basics of polling. If you have created your poll questions, continue with step #2 below.

2. Go to Sessions Settings and click "Presentation Mode (Runs in Browser)".

3. There should be a presentation waiting for you labeled "Default Presentation", if not you can always create a new one.

4. Click "Add Live Content Slides (Polls or Q&A)"

5. Choose the live content you would like to embed 

You have a few options (as seen below).

Audience Q&A

Audience Q&A provides a live view of Social Q&A questions in your session. This is exactly what attendees see, except formatted in a friendly way for projectors.

Sync All Polls

Sync All Polls will make sure all of your session's polls are added to the given presentation.

Add a Single Poll

As an alternative to Sync All Polls, you can add polls one by one to your presentation.

Pre/Post Comparison

A friendly way to review the results of a pre/post pair of polls. Make sure the choices are in an identical order for the responses to line up correctly.

Poll Blender

Combines data from a demographic poll with data from an outcome poll. For example, if you have a poll that asks for demographic data (like "What is your job title?"), you can see how attendees responding to that poll then voted on another poll. Only works with multiple choice polls.

6. Move the new slide to a desired location in your presentation

You will now see the order in which your polls will appear in the presentation. By default your Polls will be added in the same order that they are listed on your session page (see image in Step 1). If you want to change the order of the polls for the presentation you can simply drag and drop the polls (green boxes) into the desired order. 

7. Which finished reordering, click "Save" to save the location of the new slide.

Your presentation is now ready for action!