Note: The ability to create/add sessions in a Conferences i/o app will require that you have our "multi-session" level of service. If your app doesn't have administration choices for Manage Sessions or Manage Presenters, this usually means that you have our more affordable "single-session" app, which only supports use for one meeting or session at a time. If you are interested in upgrading, please contact us at

Note: we also have a video tutorial on how to Create Sessions. 

To create Sessions, start by clicking on 'Manage Sessions' from your Admin dashboard.

Next, click 'Create a New Session' and enter the Session details. Please note that only the "Name of Session" is required. All other data is optional. However, if you will be using session evaluations along with the option for automatic unlocking of session evaluations (e.g., 10 minutes before the session ends), it's important to specify a start time and end time when creating your sessions.

There are other optional parameters that you can specify when creating sessions, which includes:


  • Session Moderator Password: if you want a unique moderator password for this session, specify that here. Otherwise, your moderator will need to know and use the global moderator password, which is setup under Shared Passwords, under the Admin dashboard.
  • Session Ordering Rank: if you want to override the sort order of sessions as they appear on your app's home page, you can specify a numeric value here to control that. For example, if you have several sessions that start at 9:00 AM but you want to ensure that the "Keynote" session is listed first, enter a numeric value for that session that is higher than the numeric value that you specify for the other sessions that start at 9:00 AM.
  • Hide this session from attendees: when creating (or after creating) a session, you can hide it from appearing on your app's home page by selecting this check box. When you're ready for it to appear again to users, edit the session and remove this checkbox setting. Note: even though a session is hidden with this option, you can still access it if you have the session's direct URL.

The sessions that you create will appear on the home / schedule page of your app*.

Sessions can also be uploaded in bulk. Learn how to do that here.

*Remember, if your event only has one Session, your audience will not see the schedule on your dedicated URL. They will automatically be brought into your Session.