Conferences i/o doesn't use or need individual login accounts for users. Instead, there are "shared" passwords that give access to administrative areas of the app and/or that give access to create poll questions and manage Q&A entries.

The Event Admin has the ability to manage two types of passwords on the app. The password page can be accessed by clicking the "Shared Passwords" button from the Admin Dashboard.

1. Global Moderator Password (required): This sets the password that moderators will use to gain access to moderate their session. You can change the moderator password as often as you'd like but the password is shared by every moderator. However, you can designate a unique or different moderator password for a particular session. To do so, visit Manage Sessions under the Admin area. Edit the session where you'd like to specify a unique moderator password. Look for the field called "Session Moderator Password" and enter the desired value. Doing this will override the global moderator password. Be sure to inform your moderator(s) of that unique password for that session.

2. App Password (optional): Setting an App Password will require anyone who navigates to your application to enter a password before they are able to access any additional content (see schedule, join a session, etc.).