Administrators have the ability to create announcements for their attendees. Announcements can be used as a simple greeting, message, or instruction. There are 3 different types available: Home Screen, Global and Session.

In addition to text, Announcements can contain HTML markup to add links, buttons, and other elements for a customized attendee experience.

Note: Conferences i/o doesn't offer push notifications or scheduled notifications, which many mobile event apps offer. However, you can change any of the 3 announcement types at any time, even while users are actively using the app. And any announcement change will be immediate. Also, session announcements are special in that any change made via session announcement will "push" immediately to all users who are viewing that session page.

Global and Home Screen Announcements

Global announcements appear at the top of every page within the event, whereas Home Screen announcements only appear on the homepage of the event above the schedule.

To set a Global or Home Screen announcement:

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel
  2. On the Admin dashboard, click Announcements
  3. Set the announcement messages. Announcements can be removed by clearing the text field and saving.

Session Announcements

Session level announcements can be created by either admins or moderators and appear before Polls, Social Q&A, Trivia Battle, or Team Battle.

To set a Session Announcement:

  1. Sign into the session as a Moderator
  2. Go to Session Settings 
  3. Click Session Announcement & Details
  4. Set or clear the announcement message and click Submit

Create a Hyperlinked Button Within an Announcement

To create a Call-To-Action button that will open content in a separate browser tab when clicked:

  1. Copy and paste the code snippet below into the session announcement
    <a target="_blank" href="YOUR_URL_HERE" class="btn btn-success">BUTTON_LABEL</a>
  2. Replace YOUR_URL_HERE with your link

  3. Replace BUTTON_LABEL with the text you want the button to say

For example, to make a button that says "Click here to visit our homepage!" that links to the Conferences i/o homepage like the one in the screenshot above, the HTML markup would be this:

<a target="_blank" href="" class="btn btn-success">Click here to visit our homepage!</a>