The Event Admin has the ability to enable / disable a feature for all sessions at one time.

To do so, click "Manage Sessions" from the admin dashboard, and then click "Update Feature Settings" under the Bulk Actions area (which can be found at the bottom of the page).

From here you can choose to enable or disable a certain feature(s) across all of the sessions on your app. For example, if you don't want attendees to be able to submit questions in any of the sessions you can simply choose "Disable" for Social Q&A.

You can also leave the setting as "no change" which means that the feature will remain in it's current state (enabled or disabled) depending the setting within each session.


  • Polls - Enable or Disable polling for all sessions. When disabled, moderators will not have the option to create polls.
  • Social Q&A - Enable or Disable the Social Q&A feature for all sessions. When disabled, users will not see the Social Q&A feature at all.
  • Q&A Filter - Enable or Disable the Q&A Filter. When enabled, all questions must be approved by a moderator before they appear to the audience.
  • Evaluations - Enable or Disable Session Evaluations. When enabled, the blue button entitled "Evaluation This Session" is immediately displayed in all sessions. If disabled, the blue button won't appear unless the admin has designated an Automatic Unlock of Evaluations via the admin choice called 'Change Evaluation Settings'
  • Q&A Panel - Enable or Disable the Q&A Panel feature. When enabled, users will see a list of presenter names when submitting a Q&A question. In this way, users can designate a particular presenter for their question. Note that presenter names must be associated with the session for this functionality to work.