The Admin has the ability to enable or disable features for all sessions quickly and easily with the Bulk Update Feature Settings tool.



  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Click Manage Sessions
  3. Click Bulk Actions or scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Click Update Feature Settings

  5. For each feature, select Disable/Not Required to disable it for all sessions, Enable/Required to enable for all sessions, or No Change to leave the present settings in each session as is

  6. Click Apply Changes to begin the update process


  • Polls
    • When enabled, moderators can create polls for attendees to answer. 
    • When disabled, moderators will not have the option to create polls and attendees cannot respond to polls.
  • Social Q&A
    • When enabled, the Social Q&A feature is displayed to attendees. 
    • When disabled, attendees will not see the Social Q&A feature and cannot ask questions.
  • Q&A Approval Filter
    • When enabled, all questions must be approved by a moderator before they appear to the audience.
    • When disabled, questions appear to the audience as soon as they are submitted.
  • Q&A Profanity Filter
    • When enabled, questions with profanity will be unable to be submitted.
    • When disabled, attendees will not be blocked from posting questions with profanity.
  • Evaluations
    • When enabled, the blue Evaluate This Session button is immediately displayed in all sessions. 
    • When disabled, the evaluation button won't appear unless the admin has enabled Automatic Unlock Session Evaluations
  • Q&A Panel
    • When enabled, attendees will see a list of presenter names when submitting a Q&A question to direct questions at a presenter. Note that presenter names must be associated with the session for this functionality to work.
    • When disabled, attendees cannot associate a question to a specific presenter.
  • Q&A Attendee Name
    • When enabled, the names of attendees are visible when asking questions. 
    • When disabled, all questions are asked anonymously.
  • Q&A Question Submission
    • When enabled, attendees can submit questions with the Ask button on Social Q&A. 
    • When disabled, the Ask button is removed, and attendees can no longer submit questions.
  • Check-In (Attendance Tracking)
    • When required, attendees must check-in to each session. 
    • When not required, attendees bypass the check-in process.
  • Check-Out (Attendance Tracking)
    • When required, attendees can check-out from the sessions. 
    • When not required, attendees cannot check-out from a session.
  • Presentation Mode Slide Sync
    • When enabled, attendees can follow along with a Presentation Mode presentation on their mobile devices, which advance when the moderator advances the slide. 
    • When disabled, attendees must advance their own slides in Presentation Mode.