Administrators have the option of requiring attendees to enter identifying information before joining a session using custom Attendee ID fields. This can be used to collect data about the attendees important to administrators like contact information, location, employee or license numbers, and more.  



By default, identification fields for First Name / Last Name and Email Address are automatically available for each session and cannot be modified. Administrators can add up to five additional flexible fields per app to use with any number of sessions.

Note: Most Attendee ID information is never visible within the app and cannot be viewed by other attendees during the session. It will only appear on the data spreadsheet that the moderator can export afterwards.

Attendee Names may appear to other attendees if Q&A name visibility is enabled.

Defining Fields

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Click Attendee Identification Fields

  3. Specify the Field Label and optional Description for each flexible field

Create Drop-Down Choices

Flexible fields can also be displayed as a drop-down list to scope responses to a predetermined list of options.

To define a flexible field as a drop-down list, set the field label to the name of the field and the list of choices separated by two pipe characters.

Field label || Choice 1 || Choice 2 || Choice 3

Require Fields on Check-In

  1. Sign-in to a Session as a Moderator

  2. Click Session Settings

  3. Click Attendee Required Fields

  4. Select the fields to require

  5. Click Save Changes