The following article discusses how to integrate a mobile event app with Conferences i/o, using an example event app from Guidebook. It’s a nice, easy-to-use product and they even offer a free (limited feature) version. 

To see a video tutorial walk thru, visit our related article found here.


Here’s an example of what a Guidebook event app looks like.

There are many additional features that Guidebook offers, and each event app is a bit unique, but the features pictured here are pretty standard across every event app.

The biggest question when thinking about integration is how attendees can access Conferences i/o from within the event app. There are two very simple ways to do this…


1. Link to Conferences i/o From the Event App Schedule

Conferences i/o is a web-based product, so attendees can access it by navigating to a specific URL (just like they would any other website). Once an attendee navigates to the URL they will arrive at the homepage which features a built-in schedule.
The schedule lists all of the sessions that are using Conferences i/o and attendees can simply click on the session that they wish to join.

Each session within Conferences i/o has a unique URL. By navigating directly to a Session URL you can bypass the initial schedule page and go straight into the Session. You can also export a list of Sessions to view URLs in bulk. Learn how to do thahere.

Every event app is going to offer a Schedule functionality, which lists the date, time, and important information about each session. Most event apps will also allow you to add a description for each session and include hyperlinks to webpages.

It’s very easy to link to a session on Conferences i/o from the event app schedule. Simply paste the session URL into the description section on the event app.

Attendees can then navigate to the appropriate session from the event app schedule and simply click the link to join the Conferences i/o session. With Guidebook (and many other apps) the webpage will even open right within the app, rather than in a separate browser window.

2. Add a Custom Button Within the Event App

Many event apps will allow you to add a custom button / feature. Custom buttons can be used for a variety of purposes (images, files, videos, etc.) one of which is an external webpage.

In this example we created a custom button which opens a browser with the Conferences i/o application. Rather than linking to individual sessions through the event app schedule, attendees can simply click the “” button and choose the session from our schedule page.