Session Access Codes are an excellent way for attendees to quickly access a Session without the need to scroll through a long list of Sessions on the app home page. Attendees simply enter a Session Access Code in a search box at the top of the app home page and click "Go". They are then taken directly into the session tied to that code, where they can start participating right away.

By default, this feature is disabled on all apps. We only recommend using it for events that have a large number of sessions (i.e. dozens per day). If you’re interested in using this feature at your event, please send a request to the Conferences i/o Support Team at


For App Administrators, you have a few different options for how to approach the setup of Access Codes.

Option 1: Use Access Codes assigned by Conferences i/o

When Session Access Codes are enabled, Conferences i/o will assign Access Codes for each individual Session using random letters and/or numbers. 

To view Access Codes, go to Admin Settings and click “Manage Sessions”.  Each Session and its corresponding Session Access Code will be listed, which you can share with attendees to enter in the Search Box at the top of the app home page. The access code for my Breakout 1 is h6dr.


Option 2: Assign your own Session Access Codes

 Once Session Access Codes are enabled on your app and default Access Codes have been generated, you can customize codes for each Session.


a. In your Admin Settings, click “Manage Sessions”. Default Access Codes are listed next to each Session. To change codes one Session at a time, click "edit" next to the Session you are customizing. Type in a new access code and hit save at the bottom of the page.

I want to change the Access Code for Breakout 1 Session, so I clicked "edit" next to Breakout 1. We recommend changing this code to something that'll be easy for your attendees to remember. Maybe it's the first few letters of that Session's speaker name or a code that indicates the date and time of the Session. Make sure that no two Sessions have the same Session Access Code, or the system will not recognize the Session trying to be accessed.


b. To save time, you can edit all Session Access Codes using our Bulk Upload tool. In your Admin Settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see Bulk Actions. Click "Update Session Details"

Once there, click “Download Current Data”. This will download an XLS file where you can edit Access Codes in column G.

Save this file on your computer when finished and return to the "Update Session Details" page to upload the revised file. Click "Upload Now" and your customized Access Codes will now appear next to each Session in the Session Management section. Share with attendees to enter in the Search Box at the top of the app home page.