One of the great things about your Conferences i/o app is that it's entirely customizable.  You can change colors, add logos, and even change the typeface seen throughout your app. Even without a HTML or CSS expert in your organization, it's easy to change the look of your app to better suit your preferences. Learn about adding Custom CSS to your app here.



Admins can add logos in their Conference i/o in three different places. The Standard Header Image, Sponsor Branding (Top) Image, and Sponsor Branding (Footer) Image. These images can be seen globally throughout the app.  

It's important to not stack your Conferences i/o app with too many header or footer images. Keep in mind that most attendees will be viewing your app on a smartphone, meaning it will take more effort for them to scroll to see content like Polls and Social Q&A. With large stacked images up top, things can look sloppy and attendees may not even see that there are tools for them to participate below the logos. We recommend avoiding a Sponsor Branding (Top) Image if possible.

Seen above, the white text on red background the Conferences i/o logo is the Standard Header Image. Black text on white background is the Sponsor Branding (Top) Image. White text on black background is the Sponsor Branding (Footer) Image.  


To add logos to your Conferences i/o app, make sure you are signed in as an Admin.

1. Once signed in as an Admin, click into your Admin settings

2. Under App Administration, click 'Branding & Custom CSS'

3. Upload your images in the boxes matching your desired image location 

Make sure to view your Conferences i/o app on another device to see the perspective for your attendees.