Using Presentation Mode, presenters can present a slideshow with live content slides from a browser window without the need to install any software, add-ins, or extensions. 

Note: Presentation Mode requires exporting PowerPoint slides to PDF format. Slide animations, effects, and transitions added in PowerPoint will not be included in the PDF version.

To learn how to export a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF, see Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files.


Create Presentation

  1. Sign into the session as a Moderator
  2. Go to Session Settings then click Presentation Mode

  3. Click Create New
  4. Name the presentation, select a background theme, then click Submit 

Add presentation and audience engagement

  1. In the Presentation Mode menu, click Upload PDF Slides

  2. Click Choose File and locate the exported PDF file of the presentation, then click Upload

  3. In the Presentation Mode menu, click Add Live Content Slides

  4. Click each of the audience engagement tools you’d like to incorporate into the presentation

  5. Click Save


Start presentation

1. If needed, click Reorder Slides to click and drag the audience engagement slides to new locations in the slide deck and click Save.

2. Click Start Presentation (this will open the presentation in a new tab in your browser): 

3. Use the right arrow to advance to the next slide or trigger poll behaviors like Manually Start a Countdown Timer or Manually Advance to Results

Video Tutorial