When planning on projecting your Conferences i/o results on the big screen, one of your options is to use our Presentation Mode. Learn about what Presentation Mode is here.

  1.  In Session Settings, click 'Presentation Mode (Runs in Browser)'
  2.  Create a new presentation if need be
  3.  Click 'Upload PDF Slides'

(NoteFor those using Keynote on Mac, the process is just as simple: click Share-Export and save as a PDF)

First convert your PowerPoint slides into PDF format. Effects and transitions that you might have applied to your presentation will be lost. To convert to PDF, complete the following steps. 

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint
  2. Click File-Print
  3. At the bottom of the Print screen, choose 'Save as a PDF'

  1. Save the file with the extension .PDF
  2. Retrieve the file once converted
  3. Return to your Conferences i/o page and upload the PDF file

Learn how to add the results from your Conferences i/o Polls into Presentation Mode here. You can also include a slide for your Social Q&A to be projected. In most cases, you will want the Q&A slide to be the last of the presentation. 

When you're ready to project your presentation on the big screen, click 'Start Presentation' and put the presentation into full screen mode.