Our Poll Tracking Dashboard makes it easy for Administrators to see, at a glance, which Sessions have Polling content, and which Sessions do not. This is particularly handy if there are many Sessions occurring during your Event, or if you have a centralized team responsible for converting presentation Polls into Conferences i/o ARS content.


To access the Poll Tracking Dashboard, go into your App's Administration settings.


  1.  Scroll down to Special Tools
  2.  Click Poll Dashboard

By entering the Poll Dashboard, an Administrator can now see a list of all the Sessions for the event.

The red color indicates that there are no Polls for a given session. The gray color indicates that Polls have been created, and how many have been created.

By clicking on a session in the Poll Dashboard, the Polls created will drop down to give a detailed view. For Admins using our PowerPoint Add-In, you can copy and paste the given Slide Code, though you may still need to go edit the Slide's configuration if you want to adjust the background color (or other options).

Admins can easily edit existing polls or create new Polls from the Poll Dashboard by clicking the 'Create Polls for this Session' button in the drop down field of any session. When you click that button, you'll arrive into that as a moderator where you can review any existing polls and/or create new polls.