NOVEMBER 2018 NOTE: Twitter has deprecated and discontinued their previous method that allowed customers to embed a twitter feed into another website. Twitter suggests using as their new tool for embedding, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for hashtag searches. We will update this article if/when we find an easy replacement.

Administrators have the ability to embed a Twitter Feed into the Pages feature of their Conferences i/o app. Twitter is a great social tool to bring attention to your event. Whether your event has a hashtag or if you want to display the tweets sent out by your company, embedding a Twitter feed into your event's Conferences i/o app can be a cool way to take advantage of social networking.

You'll need to create a new Page where your Twitter feed will be located. To do this, make sure you are signed in as an Admin.

  1. Go to the Admin dashboard 
  2. Under 'App Administration', click 'Page Management'. 
  3. Create a new HTML Content page.  You can name this page after your event's hashtag, your organization's Twitter handle, or anything to indicate to your attendees that this page will lead them to a Twitter feed. Your page's name will appear in the menu of the app.

Before you are able to put anything into the new Page you've created, you'll need to actually sign on to Twitter to get the HTML for the widget.  

  1. Log on to your organization's Twitter account
  2. Click the icon (shown below) and click settings

Click the option to create a New Widget. From here you will have to decide if you want the Twitter widget's timeline source to show a feed of tweets from your handle (choose 'user timeline'), or to show a feed from tweets that include your events hashtag (search). Create that widget and copy the HTML code given at the bottom of the screen. This is usually referred to as the embed code.

  1. Before you can paste this into the Page in your Conferences i/o app, click the button shown below (circled in red) to enable HTML source mode.
  2. Paste the HTML into the 'Content of Page' box in your Conferences i/o app.
  3. Click 'Save Page' and your Twitter feed is officially embedded.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you attempt to edit this page later, the special HTML embed code will likely stop working. So we recommend getting a fresh copy of the HTML embed code from the Twitter website and re-pasting it into the page if you need to tweak or make any edits.