Administrators have the ability to embed a SlideShare presentation using the Pages' feature of their Conferences i/o app.  SlideShare is a great social tool to share a presenter's PowerPoint slides.  Whether you share these slides before or after your event, this can be a great way to engage your participants.


Two other options for making a presentation available from within your app are: 1) Upload a PDF version of the presentation into your app, or; 2) Use our optional feature called Presentation Mode / Slide Sync. While SlideShare is a 3rd party service, Slide Sync is an optional feature of Conferences i/o wherein you convert a presentation into a PDF file, and then upload it into your Conferences i/o app via Presentation Mode where it can then be automatically displayed to attendee's mobile devices. To learn more about Slide Sync, see our article here.

To upload a SlideShare presentation into your Conferences i/o app, create a new Page where your PowerPoint slides will be located.  To do this, make sure you are signed in as an Admin.

  1. Sign in as an Admin and visit the admin dashboard.
  2. Under 'App Administration', click 'Page Management'.
  3. Create a new page that is an HTML Content type of page.  You can name this Page anything you want, but we would recommend naming it so as to indicate that this page will contain a particular session's slides.
  4. Open a new tab or window in your browser and visit the site, sign in, and upload your presentation (if you haven't already).
  5. After uploading to SlideShare, you'll need to follow their guidelines for publishing the presentation. Next, using their Share button, you'll find a line for 'Embed' that you'll need to copy/paste.
  6. Return to your Conferences i/o app. Click the button circled below and paste the embed HTML code generated from SlideShare into the window and click Save Page

Your attendees should now be able to view the presentation right on their devices through your Conferences i/o app.

Note: if you get an error, you might need to visit the Privacy Settings in SlideShare to ensure that "Allow embeds" is set to "Allow Anywhere".

How Attendees Can Download Your Presentation

If attendees click the hyperlinked title that is displayed under the box (see red arrow), they will be sent to your SlideShare account where they can then download your presentation (if you allowed it via Privacy Settings in SlideShare).