You can embed files (e.g., PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG, PNG) into a Page on your Conferences i/o app for your attendees to download on their computer or view on their smart devices.  

Note: smartphones/tablets may be limited on the types of files that are viewable on device. We recommend only using files that will be suitable for viewing on mobile devices.


In order to embed a downloadable file into a Conferences i/o Page, the file needs to be publicly available (no login/password prompt). It also needs to be hosted on a website somewhere. This means it can't be something you've saved on your computer's hard drive. 

For example, we've used the file hosting service Dropbox to save these PDFs to the cloud so that users can download them easily. You can upload any type of file through Dropbox. By creating a public link to these files, they become instantly shareable. This is true, even for attendees that do not have a Dropbox account.

  1. Upload the file to Dropbox
  2. In the website, find the file and look for the 'Share' button that usually appears when you hover on a file. Click to create a link which should be of the type where 'anyone can view this file'. Copy that link to your clipboard. 

The file should now be viewable to others.

Note: If you are not using Dropbox, you will need to have the file hosted on another source. This could be a logo that's already hosted on your organization's web site or any other publicly accessible file. In the case of an image or logo, simply right click that image and copy the image URL .


Creating a Page for downloadable files  

Start by creating a new Page in your Conferences i/o app.

  1. Login as admin and go to the admin dashboard
  2. Under App Administration, click Page Management
  3. Create a new Page, choosing HTML Content as the page type
  4. Give a name/title for your Page

In the 'Content of Page' box, click the 'Link' button as indicated below.

  1. Paste the URL to the file (that you have previously copied through Dropbox or other) in the 'URL' box
  2. Name your file in the 'Text' box
  3. Click 'Insert'
  4. Repeat these steps for additional downloadable files
  5. Submit the Page when it's completed

Note: The benefit to using a application like Dropbox is that your attendees will be immediately prompted to download the file when they click the link you've provided.