Note: This article applies to the legacy first-generation version of our Add-In, which is incompatible with the recommended second-generation version of the Add-In. Learn more about the second-generation Windows PowerPoint Add-In.

Important: In order to use the Windows PowerPoint Add-In as shown in the video you will first  need to download and install the Add-In to your Windows computer.

The Conferences i/o Windows PowerPoint Add-In is an exciting new feature that allows presenters to embed live Poll results and Social Q&A directly into a slide within their PowerPoint presentation. 

Note that this feature is available for both Windows and Mac but the installation is separate. Slides created on a Windows computer are not compatible on a Mac computer, regardless of having the correct software installed on both devices. Embedded slides created on a Mac computer only work for Mac, and slides created on Windows computers only work on Windows. Learn all about our Mac Presenter App and how to install it here

In order to create the PPT slides within embedded results on your Windows computer, you will need to download and install the PowerPoint Add-in.

In order to display the live results on the big screen, the Add-In must also be installed on the computer projecting the presentation in the session room. If your speaker plans to use their own Windows laptop, ask them to install the Conferences i/o Add-In. If they are using a Mac, they need to install the Mac Presenter App.

Video Tutorial

While a written tutorial is provided below, you can also watch this handy video tutorial.

Finding Slide Codes

Once the Add-In has been installed, PowerPoint will have a new button in the Insert Ribbon that says ‘Add Conferences i/o Slide Code’. Clicking this box opens a dialog box that requests something called a Slide Code. Slide Codes are how we reference live content in Conferences i/o, which can be a Poll, Poll Comparisons, Audience Q&A, or something else.

Here's the easiest way to find Slide Codes for your Session:

1. Browse to your Session in Conferences i/o.

2. If you're not already signed in as a moderator for this Session, click "Sign In To Moderate" at the bottom of the page.

3. Click Session Settings at the bottom of the page.

4. Under the "Presentations" section, click 'Add Live Content to Windows PowerPoint'.

5. You're now looking at a list of Slide Codes for this Session.

Using Slide Codes

1. In PowerPoint's menu, select the Insert Tab to open the Insert Ribbon.

2. Click the button that says 'Add Conferences i/o Slide'.

A dialog box will pop up asking for a Slide Code.

3. Paste your Slide Code in the dialog box using the keyboard shortcut CONTROL + V.

For various reasons, the right click contextual menu does not work on this dialog box.

4. If everything worked correctly, a success message will display.

And now you can repeat these steps for all of the live content in your Presentation.

Not getting the results you intended? Reference our next article, Troubleshooting Problems with the Add-In.