Note: This article applies to the legacy first-generation version of our Add-In, which is incompatible with the recommended second-generation version of the Add-In. Learn more about the second-generation Windows PowerPoint Add-In.

Installing the Add-In

These instructions will describe how to install the Conferences i/o Windows PowerPoint Add-in on PowerPoint 2010, 2013, and 2016.

1. Download the first-generation legacy Windows PowerPoint Add-in ZIP file.

This ZIP file download contains installers for 64-bit Windows, and 32-bit Windows. (The 32 bit version is marked as such).

If you don’t know whether you need the 64-bit installer or 32-bit installer, start with the 64-bit installer.

Some browsers scan files that are downloaded for malware, and they may take offense to this ZIP file, as it contains an executable script. If you are shown a warning along these lines you may need to override this warning, or even temporarily disable security settings.

2. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file.

3. Run the executable to install the add-in.

In case you are wondering, the executable copies a PowerPoint Add-in (PPAM) file to your Program Files directory, and updates a few Registry values so that PowerPoint knows to look for this file whenever it loads.

4. Open PowerPoint.

On the “Insert” tab/ribbon you should see a new button that says “Add Conferences i/o Slide”. If you don't see this, please refer to our troubleshooting guide.

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