Note: This article applies to the legacy first-generation version of our Add-In, which is incompatible with the recommended second-generation version of the Add-In. Learn more about the second-generation Windows PowerPoint Add-In.

Getting Started

1. Installing the Add-In 

2. Using the Add-In

3. Troubleshooting Problems with the Add-In

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create live content slides on one computer and transfer them to another?

Yes, as long as the destination computer has this same (older) PowerPoint for Windows Add-In installed.

What is the Add-in doing?

Our PowerPoint for Windows Add-in runs a macro, which creates a slide with a browser control object. The browser control object uses ActiveX to display a projector-optimized webpage that runs off of our server.

Will these slides work on a Mac?

No, slides embedded with the Windows PowerPoint Add-in will not work on Mac computers. We have a separate installation process for Mac users that produces the same output but requires different software. Learn all about our Conferences i/o Mac Presenter App (for Keynote and PowerPoint) and how to install it here.