Moderators can copy Polls from another Session and/or duplicate a poll in an existing session. This is a great tool for duplicating Polls without having to manually build them from scratch.

If you frequently ask the same Poll questions in different presentations or meetings you can even create a session on your app with all of the common Polls that can serve as your "Question Bank" to copy from each time.

Want to duplicate ALL polls from an existing session? 
Admins have the ability duplicate an entire session, including all of the poll questions built within it. 

Click here to learn how

To copy a Poll from another Session...

  1. Click into the session where you want the new Poll to be placed
  2. Sign in as a Moderator
  3. Make sure Polling is enabled, and click 'Create' to create a new Poll

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select 'Copy Poll From Another Session' under the Advanced section.

Choose the Session that contains your desired Poll, and select the Poll you want to duplicate.  Click 'Copy Into This Session'.

The desired Poll will now be placed into the Session and will now appear on the 'Copy a Poll' page under the 'Current Polls in Session'.

Repeat the 'Copy a Poll' steps as needed.

Note: If "unique moderator passwords" are in place, moderators will be restricted such that they won't be able to copy the poll questions from other sessions, unless the same moderator password is in effect. In other words, when using unique moderator passwords, you can only copy polls from sessions that have the same moderator password assigned.