Many multiple choice polls you create have one choice which is considered the correct response. By setting this choice as the 'correct answer', Conferences i/o will update its bar chart display to unambiguously make the correct answer obvious.

Let's see what this looks like in Fullscreen Mode (via PowerPoint or Presentation Mode).

Standard Poll (no correct answer)
Poll with Correct Answer

And here's how to set a correct answer for a poll:

1. When creating or editing a Poll, click the checkbox that says "This Poll has a correct answer".

2. When active, additional checkboxes will appear beneath each choice.

3. Select the checkbox next to the appropriate response.

4. Save the Poll.

Functionality notes

  • You can set a correct answer after voting has concluded.
  • Only bar chart results support correct answer display.

Important notes:

Customizing bar chart colors will interfere with displaying a poll question's correct answer. If you're using the Correct Answer feature, please be sure to use the default color setting so that results display as intended.