Playing music in the background helps to alleviate any awkward silence when attendees are responding to a poll with a countdown timer.  

Note: Music can only be added to polls with a timer. See Customize the On-Screen Behavior of Polls for information about how to configure a timer for a poll.


Upload a music file

  1. Sign-in to the Admin Panel

  2. Under Advanced Tools, select Slide Music
  3. Drag and drop an .mp3 audio file into the Upload music files box
    Alternatively, click inside the Upload music files box and select the appropriate audio file from a file picker

    Note: The music file should be formatted as an .mp3 and not exceed 3 MiB (3.14MB) in size.

    Audio files can be large, but by adding music that is timed to match the countdown timer, it’s possible to keep the file within the size limit. In other words, when adding a countdown timer set for 0:20 seconds, the audio file should contain music that is only 0:20 seconds long.

  4. In the File Upload complete! notification, click View uploaded files

  5. Click the play button in the Preview column to double-check the file

Remove a music file

  1. Sign-in to the Admin Panel

  2. Under Advanced Tools, select Slide Music
  3. Next to the file to remove, click Edit

  4. Click Remove this Slide Music File

  5. Confirm the removal by clicking Yes, I confirm this action

Configure Live Content Slide to use music file

  1. Sign-in to the Session as a Moderator

  2. Click Session Settings

  3. Under Presentations, click Add Live Content to Presentation Slides

  4. Under the Slide Code column, click Edit on a poll with a timer

  5. Locate the Timer Music configuration

    Note: If the Timer Music configuration is not displaying, ensure that a countdown timer is selected. The Timer Music option is hidden for non-timer behaviors. 

  6. Select the desired music from the list

  7. Click Save