Playing music in the background helps to alleviate the awkward silence when attendees are responding to a poll with a countdown timer.  

As the timer reaches zero, the music will start to fade and stop when the poll is closed. Learn how to set up the Countdown Timer here.

Upload a music file

1. Sign in as an Admin 

2. In the Advanced Tools window, select Slide Music

NOTE: Your music file should be formatted as an .mp3 and not exceed 3 MiB (3.14MB) in size. 

Audio files can be large, but by adding music that is timed to match the countdown timer, it’s possible to keep the file within the size limit. In other words, when adding a countdown timer set for 0:20 seconds, the audio file should contain music that is only 0:20 seconds long. 

3. Drop your .mp3 audio file into the Upload music files box or click inside the box and manually select the appropriate file.

4. In the File Upload complete! notification, click View uploaded files to refresh the screen:

5. Use play Preview to double-check your uploaded music file: 

Add music to a poll in PowerPoint

1. Go back into 'Session Settings' of a specific session. Under the "Presentations" section, click 'Add Live Content to Windows PowerPoint'.




6. You're now looking at a list of polls set up for that session as well as their Slide Codes, click 'Edit' for a poll with a Poll Timer.



7. Select a song for the Slide Music, and click 'Save'.