When poll results are displayed, you can have a logo (branding) appear at the bottom of the screen. This branding will also appear at the bottom of a Q&A slide (if you choose to display Social Q&A on the projected screen), and it will also appear if our browser-based Presentation Mode feature is used.

To set this up, perform the following:

1. Sign in as an Admin and click into your Admin Settings


2. In App Administration, select 'Branding & Custom CSS'


3. Scroll down to 'Presentation Branding' and upload an image by clicking 'Choose File'

4. The Brand Bar Background Color can be left blank or customized. See images 3 & 4 for reference.


To view these branding changes:

1. Browse to your Session in Conferences i/o with the presentation set up in Presentation Mode. 

Note: If you have not yet set up a presentation using Presentation Mode, learn how to do so here.


2. If you're not already signed in as a moderator for this Session, click "Sign In To Moderate" at the bottom of the page.


3. Click Session Settings at the bottom of the page.


4. Under the "Presentations" section, click 'View & Manage Current Presentations'

5. Select 'Start Presentation'

Image 3: Brand Bar Image with default Brand Bar Background color. 

*Note the darkness and need to customize color for a black logo.

Image 4: Brand Bar Image with customized Brand Bar Background color