For multi-session URLs, Poll and Social Q&A data can be collected in bulk for all sessions instead of downloading the data individually per session.

Prepare for export

The Bulk Export process will export data for each unarchived session. In order to limit the scope of the data exported to more meaningful results, consider archiving sessions that are not needed in the data export.

Export data

  1. Signing-in to the Admin panel

  2. On the Admin Dashboard, scroll down to Bulk Export and click Polls and Social Q&A (ZIP of All Sessions)
  3. Click Start Export to begin the export process

  4. Wait while the data is collected and processed

    Note: Do not close the browser window during the export process. Doing so will interrupt the process and require starting over.

  5. Once complete, click the All Done! Download Sessions ZIP button
  6. Navigate to the Downloads folder and open the file to unzip it

  7. Open the unzipped folder to view the results

    Note: The data will be separated by session into individual files named by the event date and session title.