A unique URL (or web address) was created when your Conferences i/o web application was originally built. (e.g. myevent.cnf.io) In addition to your web application’s primary URL, each session you create in the app also has a unique URL or web address. (e.g. myevent.cnf.io/sessions/csfj)

Find the session URL in your browser 

  1. Sign into the session as a Moderator or join the session as an Attendee to view the session URL in your browser’s search bar at the top of the screen (e.g. myevent.cnf.io/sessions/csfj)
  2. The session URL includes an app name, domain, and unique session identifier: 

Download a list of all session URLs 

Instead of locating each session URL individually, download a list of all session URLs at the same time. 

  1. Sign in as an Admin and click Manage Sessions
  2. Click Bulk Actions
  3. Click Update Session Details

  1. Click Download Current Data to download a spreadsheet that contains sessions and session details.
  2. In the spreadsheet, review the Session Direct URL column for a list of session URLs