Exporting a list of session URLs within Conferences i/o will save time spent generating URLs individually. 

Every event app is going to offer a Schedule functionality, which lists the date, time, and important information about each session. Most event apps will also allow you to add a description for each session and include hyperlinks to webpages. Attendee's can tap on the hyperlinks to be brought directly into a session in Conferences i/o.

To export a list of Conferences i/o session URLs:

1. Sign in as an Administrator

2. In the Admin settings, click 'Manage Sessions'

3. Near the bottom of the page, click 'Update Session Details' under Bulk Actions

4. Click 'Download Current Data' and open the XLS spreadsheet that downloads

5. See the session names and corresponding URLs. Copy and paste the Session Direct URLs into the appropriate field within the event app schedule page