To quickly make changes to the details of many sessions, the bulk change tool can save time otherwise spent by manually editing a session.

To do this, first export a list of Conferences i/o session details:


1. Sign in as an Administrator


2. In the Admin settings, click 'Manage Sessions'


3. Near the bottom of the page, click 'Update Session Details' under Bulk Actions.



4. Click 'Download Current Data' and open the XLS spreadsheet that downloads.

5. Directly edit the XLS spreadsheet. Do not change the 'ID' column. The 'Access Code' column will likely be left blank.

6. Save the spreadsheet with your changes, but ensure the file remains as an XLS file (not an XLSX). Upload the file back into Conferences i/o by clicking the 'Choose File' button; find your file; then click the 'Upload Now' button.

7. Once uploaded into Conferences i/o, the changes will be reflected on the Home page, showing the session schedule.