Note: The Conferences i/o Mac App is in public beta. While the app has been tested by many customers, there can still be quirks or bugs that have not yet been ironed out. If you are using the Mac App and see any strange behavior, please email

With the Conferences i/o Mac App, presenters can embed live content slides (polling, Q&A, trivia battle, or team battle) into PowerPoint and Keynote presentations on a computer running MacOS.



  1. First, download and install the Mac App on your Mac computer

  2. Open the Mac App
    • For more information about opening applications, see the Apple user guide
    • When running, the Mac app appears as an icon in the menu bar:
  3. Launch your presentation software, either PowerPoint or Keynote, and open your slide deck

  4. Add live content slides to the slide deck

  5. Start presentation mode in your presentation software:
  6. During the presentation, the live content slides will be replaced with live content from Conferences i/o


Not getting the results you intended? Check out Troubleshooting Problems with the Mac App.