Note: The Conferences i/o Mac App is in public beta. While the app has been tested by many customers, there can still be quirks or bugs that have not yet been ironed out. If you are using the Mac App and see any strange behavior, please email

With the Conferences i/o Mac App presenters can embed live content slides (polling, Q&A) into PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.


In order to create the PPT slides with embedded results, you will need to download and install the Mac App to your Mac computer.


In order to display the live results on the big screen, our Mac App must also be installed and actively running on the computer projecting the presentation in the session room. If your speaker plans to use their own laptop, make sure they’re using Keynote or PowerPoint for Mac and ask them to install the Conferences i/o Mac App.


  1. Sign into the session as a Moderator and click Session Settings
  2. Click Add Live Content to Presentation Slides

  1. Select Mac App
  1. Click Download All Live Content Slides:

  1. Open the PowerPoint file in Keynote or PowerPoint for Mac:

  1. Copy/paste or drag and drop the slides into your presentation slides


Not getting the results you intended? Reference our next article, Troubleshooting Problems with the Mac App.