By default all interaction on Conferences i/o is completely anonymous. However, session moderators have the option of requiring their attendees to enter their name and/or other identification fields before joining the session. 

Want to identify attendees in just a single session? Click here to learn more.

When attendee identification is turned on, all interaction within the application will still be completely anonymous. Attendees will never see who asked a question, or who responded to a poll, etc. The only time that attendee names, email addresses, etc. are visible is on the data spreadsheet that the moderator can export from a single session.

To turn on the attendee identification functionality...

1. Click into Admin Settings

2. Choose 'Manage Sessions' under App Administration

3. Under Bulk Actions click 'Update Identity Requirements'

4. By default, the requirement for attendees to enter their name will be turned off. Simply toggle the button to turn the requirement(s) on. Apply Changes to save. Click here to learn how to customize the fields of Identity Requirements

**It is possible to require identification fields other than the name and email address (e.g. ID number, job function, etc.) but those fields will need to be created by the Administrator in App Administration - Attendee Identification Fields.

4. When attendees go to join a session they will see the following page asking them to input the information that you requested before they are able to join the session.

Note: Attendees will only be prompted to fill out the identification fields for a session once. When they click into another session, the system will capture that information via a browser cookie and remember their information for any session they interact with.

5. All interaction on Conferences i/o will still remain anonymous within the application for attendees. However, when the moderator exports the polling and Q&A data spreadsheet from the session, it will include the "attendee identification" values in the export. In this way, you'll see what Q&A submissions were entered along with how the person responded to each poll question. A moderator can also generate a an XLS spreadsheet with only attendee information in their Session Settings.