When To Use Pie Charts

  • Poll questions with less than 5 response options: Consider the attendee perspective (pictured above). When attendees are seeing the results on a device as small as their smartphone, the Pie Chart result labels can overlap making some labels unreadable.
  • Poll questions with short response options: Even a Pie Chart with less than 5 responses options can overlap labels when you have a long response options. Use the Response Option Input Filters to solve this problem on Pie Charts.

When To Use Bar Charts

  • Anytime! Bar Charts are always a great option for any Multiple Choice Poll question. With Bar Charts you have the option to customize chart colors to match company branding, create a question with long response options, and fit up to 15 response options for your poll.

Always make sure to test and view the results of your polls before your event. View the results in both the attendee perspective as well as the presentation view to have a sense of how results will be displayed.