Tip: Create a Session for General Questions 


For large conferences, attendees need an easy way to communicate with the event's organizers. Follow these steps to create a session on your app that's intended for general event questions.


Note: This tip is only applicable to multi-session apps.

1. Create a new session: Admin - Manage Sessions - Create a New Session

2. Name this session and do not assign a date or time to it. Assuming all other sessions on your app have a date and time assigned, this General Questions session will appear at the very bottom of the schedule page.

Ask a member of your staff to monitor this session throughout the conference and append answers
 to attendee's questions. Everyone can see the appended responses.

(Optional) Create a link to your General Questions session in the Global Announcement field by copying the below text.


<a href="insert direct link to your new session here" target="_self">Click here to submit any general questions</a>