Conferences i/o allows you to choose from several different question formats, so that you have flexibility to get the kind of feedback you are looking for.

Multiple Choice Evaluation Questions

Multiple choice evaluation questions give you up to seven possible response options.

When using a multiple choice question, you can limit the user's response to a single choice, or you can give attendees the option to mark all choices that apply.

Attendees will see a vertical list of your response options.

Rating Evaluation Questions

Rating questions are similar to multiple choice, except that they will automatically generate average response values when you review evaluation data later on.

When creating a rating question, you will be asked for a numeric value, and then a label.

The numeric value allows Conferences i/o to automatically generate averages. The label gives attendees more information on what that number represents.

You can create up to 12 points. You don't have to use the 5-to-1 format show in the example. You could do 1 to 10, or 100 to 0 (going in increments of 10). Or if your scale starts with 0, your range could be 0 - 11.

Attendees will see a screen that looks very similar to multiple choice questions.

Short Answer Evaluation Questions

Short answer questions restrict an attendee's response to a single line. Though attendees can write as much content as they want, the single line encourages attendees to keep their answer brief.

Long Answer Evaluation Questions

Long answer evaluation questions present a multi-line field for attendees to respond.