Conferences i/o evaluation questions allow several different question types, enabling administrators and organizers to get the specific feedback needed from attendees.



Rating questions are similar to multiple choice, except that it will automatically generate average response values in the export data. 

Rating questions can have up to 12 choices, and can be arranged in any order or use any numeric value.

When creating a rating question, each numeric value must also have a label.

Attendees will see a screen that looks very similar to multiple choice questions.

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice evaluation questions allow for up to 15 possible response options.

When using a multiple choice question, attendees responses can be either a single choice or all choices that apply.

Attendees will see a vertical list of the response options.

Short Answer

Short answer questions restrict an attendee's response to a single line. Though there is no character limit, the single line encourages attendees to keep their answer brief.

Long Answer

Long answer evaluation questions present a multi-line field for attendees to respond.