Delight attendees and add value to sessions and events by adding pages to your Conferences i/o web application. 


1. Sign in as an Admin and click Page Management

2. Click Create a New Page 

2. Enter the page name or label. This is what will appear in the sidebar menu of your web-app: 

4. Select the type of page you’d like to create: 


The most flexible page option.  Create a doc, add hyperlinks, video, images, tables, graphs, and more.  

Embedded PDF

Embed content attendees can view in the page and download: 

Embedded website

Instead of redirecting attendees to a website outside of your Conferences i/o web-app, embed the website in a page:  

NOTE: websites must be accessible via https (not http) and allow embedding. 

Embedded image

Upload images formatted as PNG JPG or upload a GIF.   

External link

Add a menu option that will open any website in a new tab or browser window. 

Presenter Speaker Profiles 

Automatically populated with presenter details added in Manage Presenters

Hide pages by checking Yes, hide this page from attendees. Add pages back to the sidebar menu by unchecking the box. 

5. Click Save