Adding pages to the sidebar is easy.

1. Head on over to your administration area.

2. Click on "Page Management". 

3. Click on "Create a New Page".

4. Enter a label for your new page.

Note: The label is what will appear in the sidebar.

5. Select the type of page you'd like to create, and submit.

You can choose from 5 different page types:

  • HTML Content - The default page type is an HTML content page where you can submit just about anything. This page type is the most flexible.
  • Embedded PDF - This page type allows you to easily embed a PDF file's content in a box within the app without having to deal with <iframes> or <objects>.
  • Embedded Website - This page type allows you to embed another website in a box within the app. Please note that the other website MUST be accessible via 'https' (not http) and the website must not block being embedded. If the website fails to display in the box, create a new page and use "External Link" as the page type.
  • Embedded Image - This page type allows you to easily embed an image (png, jpg, gif) in a box within the app without having to deal with <iframes> or <objects>.
  • External Link - This page type allows you to easily add a menu choice that will open any website. This option is ideal when the website isn't available via 'https' and/or if the website doesn't load well within a box. This page type can also be a good option when you want immediately have pinch/zoom and pan functionality with the PDF file or image file. Please note that using "external link" will cause the website or file to open in a new browser window.

When you choose any of the "embedded" options above, the following screen will appear:

Paste your URL in the box provided. The first field ("Label/name") is what will appear under your Menu button for users to see.

When you choose the HTML Content page type, you'll see a screen similar to one shown below. This will be a basic HTML editor:

Be sure to Save the page to ensure your changes are preserved.

If you have a favorite HTML editor, you can use it to create nicely formatted content which can be pasted into the Conferences i/o editor window. Just be sure to copy HTML source code from your favorite editor and paste in the window above in source code mode (click the first button of the toolbar to switch in/out of source code mode). If you need a more full featured HTML editor, here are two free online editors that are available: Quackit HTML Editor / Quackit Table Generator / Split Screen HTML Editor

Note: you can hide a page from at any time via the checkbox that appears above the Save Page button.