Tip: Changing the Global Typeface

The typeface/font that appears globally on your Conferences i/o app is entirely customizable. Follow these next few simple steps to take branding to the next level.

  • Determine the desired HTML standard typeface for the Conferences i/o app. You can use this link for a list of all HTML standards to choose from. Note that operating systems (MAC, Windows) may have different standards.
  • On your Conferences i/o app, go to Admin - Branding & Custom CSS.
  • In the Custom CSS box, paste the following code:

    body { font-family: TYPEFACEHERE; }

  • Replace 'typefacehere' with the name of the typeface (see below for screenshot).
  • Save. The global typeface change should be immediate.

    Do note that some typefaces may cause spacing issues on your app. Make sure to review your app thoroughly prior to sharing the link with potential users.