By default, all sessions on the Session Schedule Page are ordered chronologically by their assigned start/end time. If there is no start/end time assigned to a session, those sessions will be ordered alphabetically. If neither of these ranking orders is preferred, session rank can be assigned manually by using the steps provided below.

  1. Sign-in to the Admin panel

  2. Create or edit a session

    Note: Do not assign a date or time to the session as this will override the Session Ordering Rank. The only exception to this step is if you have two (or more) sessions with a date/time assigned that are scheduled concurrently.

  3. Assign a rank number in Session Ordering Rank 

    The higher-ranked sessions will be listed first. If you're manually ranking 10 sessions, the first session on the list should be ranked with a 10.

  4. Repeat these steps for all other sessions to order