Tip: Creating a Hover State on Session Titles

You may have noticed the light gray hover state on session titles set on your app as a default. Take branding to the next level by customizing this hover to match company colors. 

ote: This tip is only applicable to multi-session apps.

1. Identify the HEX or RGB code for the color of the hover state. Use a site like www.color-hex.com to determine this code.

2. With the color code identified, return to the Conferences i/o app. In Admin settings, click the Branding & Custom CSS button.


3. Scroll down to the yellow Custom CSS box. There may already be text in this box so be sure to start a new line.


4. Copy and paste the CSS (below) into this box.


.link-list li:hover {

    background-color: #HEXHERE;

    background-image: none;



5. Replace 'HEXHERE' with the designated color code. Click Save.