For Conferences i/o power users, we created an advanced tool that streamlines poll creation. This tool is typically used when converting placeholder slides in a presentation into Conferences i/o polls.

Note: we have a video demo on how to use this tool if you'd prefer that format.

Two important notes before we get started: First, this tool is only available to customers who have opted in to our "beta" functionality. While the functionality will eventually be released to all customers, you can get access to beta functionality by contacting Second, this tool only works for multiple choice polls. Multiple choice polls are by far the most popular type of poll used with Conferences i/o, so we've isolated this version of the tool exclusively to multiple choice polls.

Finding the special multiple choice creation tool

1. Sign in as a moderator to the session in which you would like to create polls.

2. Click to create a poll (like you would normally).

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page (don't bother entering any poll information yet).

4. Click on "Special Multiple Choice Creation Tool" within the "Advanced" box.

Reminder: If you don't see this button, your Conferences i/o app does not have access to our "beta" functionality. To request beta access, contact

Using the special multiple choice creation tool

Tip: The special multiple choice creation tool uses a maximized layout, so you can easily resize your browser to fit alongside another window (like a PowerPoint file).

5. Enter the poll title as usual, and an optional poll description.

6. (Optional) Copy the poll's choices from the presentation file, and paste into the "Paste Responses From PowerPoint" box

This is where the streamlined magic happens. If the choices have line breaks (like the example above does), this tool will automatically separate the choices into the appropriate Conferences i/o fields.

Here's what that looks like.

7. Add or review the choices for accuracy, and select a correct answer (if applicable)

The choice fields behave just like standard poll creation. As you add choices, new blank fields will appear go give you more room.

8. (Optional) Set prefixes for the poll's choices

If you would like to add prefixes, like A) B) C) or a) b) c) to each choice, the appropriate prefix button will take care of this for you. 

9.  Configure the poll and the slide details

This is another advantage of the streamlined tool, in that you can configure the poll alongside its slide-level behavior when it will be presented in PowerPoint.

Tip: The options you select will be retained after the poll is created. If you are using the same configuration for each poll and its associated slide, you will find this quite convenient.

10. Click "Create Poll" when you are ready to create the poll.

11. After creating the poll, you will be brought back to the special multiple choice creation tool and shown the poll's slide code.

If you are copy/pasting from PowerPoint, you may find this to be a perfect time to insert the newly create slide code into your presentation.

Tip: As mentioned in Step #9, you will also find that poll and slide-level configuration you chose has been pre-filled for convenience.

Helpful notes regarding the special multiple choice creation tool

  • This functionality is only available for Conferences i/o apps using our beta production code. If you don't see the option for the special multiple choice creation tool, have an administrator for your Conferences i/o app email
  • This functionality is only available for the streamlined creation of multiple choice polls, and there is currently no similar tool available for other types of polls.
  • Copy/paste functionality from PowerPoint must have line breaks between choices to automatically separate the poll's choices.