There are three methods to add polls, Social Q&A, and Team Battle live content slides from Conferences i/o. This also applies to showing "Social Q&A" (audience questions) on the projected screen. Choose whichever method works best for you.

Method A: Use the “Insert” option in the "Conferences i/o" ribbon

Paste in a single slide code and a slide will be generated for you. To do so, do the following:

  • Start from the screen that shows your poll questions. At the bottom of that screen, choose Session Settings (use 'Sign in as Moderator' first if you don't see that button)
  • Next, visit the menu choice called 'Add Live Content to PowerPoint'.
  • This page features two large grey buttons that represent the supported platforms. Scroll down past those large gray buttons until you find the list of slide codes. You'll see the 16-digit slide codes on the right side of each slide. Copy the slide code to your clipboard.
  • Go into your PowerPoint file, and visit the 'Conferences i/o' menu choice. Click the button for Insert Conferences i/o Slide.
  • Paste the code and click OK.

Method B: Download all slides at once

On the same screen that contains all of your session's slide codes there is button that says "Download All Live Content Slides". Clicking the black button will create a PPTX file containing slides for every existing poll in your session. You can then copy/paste these slides from the PPTX file to your target presentation.

To see this method in action, you can watch our brief video below.

Method C: Manually insert presenter notes

You can add a Conferences i/o slide code to any slide’s presenter notes. Just type out our <cnf> tag, paste in a slide code, and a closing </cnf> tag.


Additional Options to Explore:

  • Add a timed countdown to the poll

You can add a timed countdown for any poll by following these instructions.

  • Play music during a poll

You can have music play during any poll's timer by following these instructions. (Note that you need an administrator to add music files before they will be available to the poll.)

Note: If you have files created with the first-generation version, we recommend continuing to use the first-generation add-in software, but we recommend updating to the most recent version prior to the next event. 

Something not working? Check out our troubleshooting article.